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Free keyword research tools

We will start by giving the meaning of the keyword research tool. This can be defined as the process by which you research popular search terms by typing them into search engines such as Google and incorporating them strategically in your content so that your content tends to appear higher on a search engine results page. It mainly involves a selection of a topic on which you are interested and focuses your content on a set of targeted keywords that you would wish your content to rank for. Keyword research is highly practiced in search engine optimization (SEO)

Keywords play an important role when it comes to Google ranking. It will help the audience locate relevant information very fast. We have encountered situations where we search for certain information in posted content, but we are not able to find it. Whenever we are doing a quick read over a certain article, the most relevant thing that someone tries to locate is the keywords. Content that lucks keywords might not attract so many readers and hence becomes irrelevant to the audience that is trying to read. Including keywords in your content will help the audience realize that the information they are going through is related to what they are looking for. This will increase the rankings and the traffic to your page or article. 

However, keywords also create traffic on your page. Keywords briefly describe what you are offering to your targeted audience. Having keywords in your content will drive so many people to your content because they can identify the information they are searching for with a lot of ease. Whenever you think about how much your audience means to you, that is the same weight that keywords do carry in the content that you are providing. Failing to put keywords in your content is failing to get traffic to your site; hence the site will end up being irrelevant if it’s not of any use to a particular audience. 

Keywords play the role of uniqueness in the provided content and clarification on the information you are conveying. It would give a hard time to research particular information if writers could not use keywords in their work. Giving your work a particular heading or keywords narrows the attention from millions of writings to specific writing that you have come up with. It also brings about organization and self-identity amongst millions of writings. You can imagine trying to look for particular information, let’s say, best foods in china, and the content that appears in your search engine is the best foods in the world. This will force you to read the foods of the entire world until you find ones in china. Nobody would wish to have such stress. Therefore, keywords play a very crucial role and can make your rankings go high. 

There are also free online tools for keywords, and we are going to use two or three and how they operate and list out the rest, which can be of importance to you as a writer. The first keyword research tool that is highly used is Google Trends; its purpose is to visualize the relative search popularity of a particular keyword over time. This not only helps you to know how many kinds of such keywords do exist but also tells you on the calendar when such keywords were posted last. This should help you to update the information you are trying to pass across to a more updated version than the rest. It goes beyond giving out a calendar of information and also helps you avoid targeting the wrong keywords to use. It is updated with current information, which contains facts that can be of aid to you to come up with accurate information.

The next tool for a keyword is the Keyword Generator. Keyword Generator helps you identify how many such kinds of keywords do exist in search engines. It also brings out relevant questions that relate to the keywords and are yet to be answered. Some of these questions are asked largely and can be used as a proper guideline for you to come up with information that is new and unique. It also tries to put your keywords at the top of the rankings in different countries. It is not only meant for SEO but a variety of tools. So it’s an important tool since it helps you find ideas for Bing, YouTube, and Amazon and keeps you on top of the page. 

The final keyword tool we are going to look at is Keyword Sheeter. Its main purpose is to pull out thousands of autocomplete suggestions from Google. It is the right tool that will help you generate a lot of keyword ideas quickly. It also has a unique feature that shows the positive and the negative filters. It also contains its takeaways such as; it does not indicate search volumes or trends data, and unlike Keyword Planner group’s keywords, it does not. Another major disadvantage of Keyword Sheeter is that it’s quite basic compared to other tools. 

Other tools include; 

  • Answer the public
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyworddit
  • Google Search Console
  • Questions
  • Bulk Keyword Generator
  • Google

In conclusion, keywords play a very big role in any writing and cannot be neglected. It, therefore, calls for proper attention when it comes to choosing them and how you end up using them. It can either give you traffic or deny you traffic on your site. There are also so many sites that can not only help you generate keywords but help you come up with keywords that will put you on top of most search engine sites.

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