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How do lead generation companies work?

Lead Generation

These days the best way to market products according to experts is through lead generation. These leads can then be nurtured and converted into paying customers. Unlike in the past where marketers advertised their products to the general public and hoped that someone would be interested and buy their products, they can now send direct messages to people who are interested in their products.

But how can they send a direct message to a customer when they don’t have the customer’s contact address or phone number?

They do this by using social media to collect leads. The term leads refer to names, email addresses, contact numbers, etc of customers who are interested in your product. Therefore, lead generation refers to the process of collecting a customer’s information that is willingly provided by the customer.

But how do marketers generate leads on social media?

Providing Important and Valuable Information

First, they share links to valuable information referred to as gated content in social media marketing. Gated content is the type of content marketers give to their customers only after their customers have given them their email addresses. Usually, it is written like this:

Enter your email in the box below and I will send you my top 10 latest tricks to generate leads for your marketing campaign.

The idea is that the content (which the customer needs badly)is hidden behind a ‘gate’, and the key to open that gate is by providing their email addresses.

Organizing A Competition

Another way to generate leads is by organizing competitions. Marketers allow their visitors or customers to enter a competition to win a prize. The only way the customers can take part in the game is to provide their email addresses. This method of social media lead generation is significant for two reasons:

  1. It attracts a high number of visitors especially if the prize is very valuable. Thus, they can generate a lot of leads through this method.
  2. Visitors may share the link to the competition with their family and friends, helping the marketers to generate more leads.

The downside of this method of lead generation is that many people may be interested only in the prize and not the products or services. So after the competition is over, most people become disinterested in work.

Advertising On Social Media

Leads can also be collected through social media advertising. By advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, marketers can create forms where visitors can fill in their details (leads) without leaving the social media site. This is usually done in exchange for gated content, or discount or to partake in a contest.

Special Seminars

They can also organize special seminars and live workshops to teach their customers or visitors and to answer their questions. For the visitors to partake in this particular webinar, they need to register. The customer’s information (leads) can then be gathered.

Location-Based Advertising

Another effective way of social media leads generation is by advertising content to people in a specific location. For instance, social media allows you to target your adverts so they appear to only people who are near your physical shop. This kind of advertisement is referred to as Location-based Advertising. Leads are then generated by sending gated content to visitors in a specific location or inviting them to take part in a poll or competition.

Use Landing Pages

Landing Page is a page on a website that is designed to convert visitors to paying customers. Landing pages naturally contain valuable content crafted to collect leads from visitors. However, for visitors to discover the landing page, the marketers advertise their products on social media mostly through Paid Ad Campaigns.

They then leave a link to their website on their social media adverts. Interested visitors who click on the links are then directed to a specific page on the advertiser’s website. These pages are referred to as landing pages. Leads are then collected by asking visitors to fill in a form for an outstanding service.

These are the various lead generation techniques employed by marketers to collect information from visitors. These methods are not as easy as they look, but with expert advice and guidance, you can use these methods to generate quality leads and improve sales.


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