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Strategies to Optimize Your Google My Business

How to optimize Google My Business

Every business out there will crave for Google visibility to count on its gains. For a business to be successful, it needs to optimize both its website, Google Ads and also its Google business listing. The latter is very important. It involves a dynamic snapshot of your business, such it highlights all the necessary features of the business. All relevant information on the business should be availed there. The information may include, the reviews and ratings of the business by various customers, the contact number whereby the organization can be reached by clients or customers, its hours of operation, its website, frequently asked questions that are answered and unique quality photos. A business profile that contains all the mentioned features plus other features not highlighted is said to have an optimized profile. The features help potential clients or customers to understand the business better. Businesses with optimized profiles are known to make more sales as compared to those that aren’t optimized.

So, why do you need to optimize your Google Business Profile? The main aim of optimizing your Google my Business is primarily for effective local marketing. Optimization of your Google Business Profile also helps to boost your local rankings far from improving engagement.

A fully optimized Google Business Profile will satisfy customers’ curiosity, and thus they do not have to move to the website. This because all the information they may be looking for is provided in the most answered questions in the business profile. Thus for quality engagement and conversions, you need to optimize your Google Business profile.

With an optimized business profile through your Google My Business account, it will be for customers to discover you in the keyword searches. This helps you in acquiring customers. An optimized Google profile also grants you the privilege to track clicks to your website, appointment, or menu link using UTMs and Google Analytics.

Generally, an optimized Google Business profile is vital in making you get found in the local searches, outshine competitors, and let your business thrive. Now into the strategies you can, you can use to optimize your Google Business profile today.

Have a Google My Business account created

This is the first and most vital strategy. Google My Business account is very different from Google Business profile. Google business profile only grants access.

The creation of the account is rather very simple. Just go to Google.com/Business and sign in with the usual Google/Gmail account used for your business.

Make sure to complete every section.

When you complete every section required, Google will rank you higher in local search results. Besides, the number of actions taken by customers whenever they visit your profile will be increased.

Be very careful and precise with your contact information.

When it comes to optimizing the contact information available in your Google Business profile, do the following;

  • Your business ought to match with the one in use on your store signage.
  • Your business address and name should match all the other relevant listings across the website.
  • When it comes to filing the hour part, including both regular and holiday hours.

Draft your ‘From Business’ Description

This description is available in your Google My Business Account dashboard. To optimize this section, employ the following tips.

  • All the 750 characters should be put into use. The first 250 characters should contain key information.
  • Your mission statement should guide you in drafting the content.
  • The keywords used should be unique, simple, and to the point. They should enable the customers to find a business like yours.
  • Avoid repetition of any other information present in the other sections of your profile. This platform should be used to describe how you distance yourself from your competitors.
  • Links or HTML should be avoided.

Identify a category

Optimizing your Google Business profile category will enable you to get found in the discovery searches. It will also highlight category-specific features.

To optimize your Google Business profile category, you have to;

  • Hit the nail on the head. Be specific.
  • Consider secondary categories
  • Only select categories that match your offering

Choose applicable attributes

Select appropriate attributes. These are the special features that potential customers will out for in your profile. Be sure to provide them. To understand more about attributes,  check out this attribute list.

Include high-quality photos

We all know of the impact a good quality photo can do. It can help you give out a lot of information without having to write anything. It’s called the power of a photo, and a good one to that matter.

These photos will help;

  • Make the profile look at its best.
  • Show that your account is not dormant
  • Build on engagement

To optimize your Google photos, you’ll be needed to;

  • Upload a new photo every seven days
  • Upload a logo for your thumbnail
  • Use something that best  represents your brand for the cover photo
  • Avoid stock photos
  • To indicate to Google your prominence in your area, geo-tag your photos.
  • Videos will be an added advantage.

Welcome Google Reviews

Reviews are the #1 influence on consumer buying. They are thus a key ranking factor by Google.

The following will help your Google Business Profile with reviews;

  • Your most loyal customers should lay a foundation for you.
  • Create a review shortcut link or use Whitespark’s shortcut link.
  • Inquire from the customers to write the review. Many will gladly do if asked.
  • Give feedback for the reviews that improve your local SEO.

Want to know more on reviews optimization, read on how to get more Google reviews.

Get involved by posting to your Google Business profile.

Don’t be dormant. Make your Google Business profile lively by posting to it on a regular basis. It is just like the other social media platforms we know. This confirms that you are up to date.

To optimize your Google Business profile with posts, have this done;

  • Post regularly
  • In every post you make, include links and CTAs.

Final Thoughts

An optimized Google Business Profile enables you to stand out from a large group of competitors. It makes your profile unique.

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