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4 Major Types of Hashtags and How They Help Small Business

How to use hastags on Instagram

Hashtags are still a common way to be discovered on social media. Hashtags are used to put content in category form. Placing a hashtag on your social network makes it easy to be searched. Hashtags are fundamentally used on Instagram and Twitter. People use hashtags randomly In Front of certain words that pop up in their minds. Hashtags can be used on businesses, but one must deliberate about it and one’s choices. Hashtags make it easy for people to find your social media content increase social media engagement, and attract new customers. Below are the common types of hashtags and how they are used.

1. Branded Or Campaign

There is a person’s hashtags ( personal). One can settle on having hashtags for your organization generally and more specific ones for individual campaigns. For example, one can make wishes and put hashtags, # ifwisheswerehorses. One can also use their own brand example #theneatlookcourtesyofoddandbold. These hashtags serve as a direct pipeline for people to find content specifically related to your brand when done well. Be an Abit creative in creating your hashtags. Do not forget that hashtags belong to the realm of social media. Playful is good but unprofessional or accidentally inappropriate is terrible. Be careful that hashtags promote your brand and that they may not be misinterpreted negatively. Social Media justice will be swift.

2. Descriptive/Topical

These is hashtags related to the content you are posting. They describe your field of business. Example environmentalists would use hashtags for the anchor words in their tweets like #cutonetreeplantten and #makeourenvironmentgreen. There are also location hashtags example, #nairobikenya. If you are a photographer, you force hashtag #photographer or #weddingphotographer. If your market is local, you might want to make the hashtag location specific for a convenient business.

3. Community/groups 

This type is used by a specific group of people that would relate to your message. They are hashtags commonly used by the community you are trying to reach. Examples are the human rights campaigns using #LGBTQ and #LGBT and the topical hashtags of #mothersday and #familydayout. If you are a feminist brand with a message about women empowerment, you might use the hashtag #womensupportingwomen to reach your target audience.

4. Funny

You may use this, or maybe you want to hijack a comic effect. You can also hijack a trending hashtag to be funny or cute. Taking advantage of trending hashtags is the easiest and effective way for small businesses. Trending hashtags cannot be relied on solely as they are famous for just some moment and lose popularity. Using hashtags at its peak will allow you to get your posts and, therefore, your business in front of more people. Using trending hashtags Hashtags will give your post more exposure. The exposure is less likely to be targeted to your ideal customer or audience.

Remember that you should not use hashtags that do not relate to your cause or the content you are sharing, and ensure when using ensure to know why they are trending. That is how to use hashtags in helping the growth of your business.

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