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Latest Trends In Digital And Internet Marketing And How Internet Marketing Companies Can Take Advantage Of Them To Reach Customers

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Since the birth of the internet, it has always been evolving. Every day, there seem to be new developments which seek to replace its old technology. These new developments have improved the way the internet and digital world functions and have given the user a wonderful experience. It has also changed the game for internet marketing companies, who can now leverage these new discoveries to better conduct a holistic marketing campaign. Some of these new trends have been listed below.


When search engines like Google and Bing were launched a few years back, you had to type whatever you wanted to search into the search bar and the search engine would do the rest. These days, due to technological improvement, most of these search engines now employ voice search. Instead of typing, you can say what you need to search engine to find. Within seconds, your search results will be ready. 


These days, users of the internet prefer content that they can interact with. Due to the proliferation of touch screen devices like smartphones, iPad, and laptops, consumers have grown accustomed to having a feel of their devices. This has brought about immense development in internet marketing techniques and most internet marketing companies have taken advantage of that to reach more clients. Some of these new interactive trends including swiping, zooming in and out, 360-degree videos, etc allow the consumer to virtually interact with the products.


Another new trend that has helped both digital and internet marketing companies to conduct a laser-focused campaign is Analytics. Digital and internet marketing now have tools with which they can analyze and measure their performance. These analytic tools like Google Analytics can tell you how many people visited your website or view your ads, clicked on it, made and made a purchase. These tools show you where you are failing and where more effort is required to conduct a successful campaign.

Though digital and internet marketing has its differences and similarities both have a part to play when it comes to advertising. They both can be used to conduct a successful marketing campaign and bring in the desired results if they are properly harnessed.


At a glance, there seems to be no difference between digital marketing and internet marketing. Many people, including some marketers, are under the erroneous notion that those two terms are of the same definition. However, studies reveal that though there are very similar and share almost the same channels, they are not the same. The major difference between the two is that internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing. Digital marketing companies use the internet and other types of media to conduct their marketing drive while internet marketing companies only use the internet.


As stated above, digital marketing is broad and includes a wide range of marketing channels. It involves using digital channels like the internet, TV/Radio, text messages, billboards, etc, to advertise products and services. It involves all channels that use a digital platform to market their products or services.


Internet marketing, on the other hand, refers to the usage of the internet for marketing purposes. It encompasses a wide variety of methods such as SEO, email marketing, content marketing, etc. Using the internet to advertise your products, engage with your existing clientele, attracting new customers is referred to as internet marketing. There are many internet marketing companies who have sprung up and offer various ways by which you can take advantage of the internet to increase sales.

So now that we have established the fact that digital and internet marketing are not the same, the reason lots of people have confused the two is that they share a lot of similarities. Since internet marketing is a form of digital marketing, their similarities are over 80%.


It makes use of Pay-per-click ads It also uses Pay-per-click ads
Uses websites to reach customers Also uses websites as a marketing tool
Utilizes social media marketing to reach a targeted audience Does use social media marketing to reach its target audience
Uses email marketing  Uses email marketing as well
Undertakes content marketing Utilizes content marketing too
Makes use of Search Engine Optimization Taps into the power of SEO
Does social media adverts  Uses social media adverts 

The table above has highlighted the major similarities between digital and internet marketing companies and how these two can be harnessed to market products or services, promote brands, and boost sales. 

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