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The Journey of a Successful SEO Lead Generation

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When my neighbor who was into rice production decided to take his business online, he had a website created for his business. His dream was that his website would help him reach potential customers who were miles away from his factory. His website was well-designed with beautiful pictures and nicely written words. 

Sadly, months went by and he was not able to sell enough of his rice online. He became dejected and almost gave up until he came across the phrase SEO leads generation while conducting research into why his online business was failing.

The Golden Discovery

He discovered that SEO, an acronym which stood for Search Engine Optimization, was the way he needed to enhance his website in order for Search Engines (like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc) to discover it whenever somebody (a potential customer) types words like “rice production” into these search engines.

Seo Lead Generation

He, therefore, understood SEO lead generation as simply increasing the number of visitors (potential clients) to his website by improving his website for search engines to discover and rank on their first page. How would the search engines show his website on the first page? After all, he was not the only one who was producing rice and certainly not the only one with a rice production website.

Keyword Research

On his SEO lead generation journey, my neighbor quickly learned that he needed to conduct keyword research. But wait! What is a keyword? And why did he need to conduct research into keywords? He found out that keywords were simply words that potential buyers were likely to enter into search engines. 

Then he now understood why he had to research keywords. He knew that by discovering the keywords that potential rice buyers would be typing into search engines, he can create brilliant and relevant content using the keywords on his rice production website.

Create Awesome Content

He then realized that for search engines to put his website on their first pages in order to generate leads (attract and maintain visitors to his website), he had to create brilliant and relevant content. This content should be of great value to potential rice buyers and should answer most of their queries. 

In order to do so, his content had to be way better than that of his competitors and give extra value to his readers. He needed to make sure that his visitors left his website satisfied and at least were ready to purchase his products.

Create Relevant Backlinks

In order to generate a high volume of visitors to his website, he decided to link his website to more popular websites that had something to do with rice or rice production. He strategically placed a link to his website in some of the more popular websites that had lots of visitors.

So whenever people visited the more popular websites (that had something to do with rice), they would see his link that would redirect them to his website. This is known as a backlink and it is very important in generating SEO leads.

After a few months of implementing what he had learned in SEO lead generation, he discovered that more people were visiting his website, but few were actually buying his product. So he decided to keep his marketing funnel running by placing downloadable templates on his website. 

These downloadable templates usually contained interesting topics to the reader like How To Detect Quality Rice. To download this topic, all the readers had to do was trade their email. This enabled my neighbor to gain access to the email addresses of potential buyers, where he kept sending them periodic emails reminding them of his products.

In addition, he monetized his website by placing affiliate links on his website. These are links to products that the readers could buy but were not being sold by my neighbor. He gained a small commission on every purchase a reader made through the affiliate links.

After strategizing and implementing this wonderful SEO leads generation, my neighbor did not only witness a rise in the number of visitors to his rice production website but had a lot of them purchasing his products. Today, he is a happy man.

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