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The Story of Facebook Marketing In India


Facebook marketing in India

A few years ago, Facebooking Marketing was non-existent in India. Before the advent of social media, sellers in India largely depended on telephones, flyers, and huge billboards to market their products. Given the large population of India, it could take weeks and in some cases years to reach your target audience. 

It was a very tiresome drive that was very expensive and labor-intensive, as you will have to hire marketers as well to advertise and sell your products. Then came Facebook to the rescue. Initially, it was established to connect friends and family to their loved ones but over the years Facebook has grown to become one of the giants in market places where you can easily market your products.

Facebook Marketing In India

Facebook, currently has more than a billion people subscribed to its platform with over 290 million Indians actively using it. This has made it easier for producers in India to reach millions of customers with advertisements at the click of a button. This is what is generally referred to as Facebook marketing. Facebook simply provides a platform and the necessary tools to connect several sellers to millions of customers. There are several options available to you on Facebook, depending on your specific needs and budget, with which you can reach your customers.

Domain Ads

If you own a website and are thinking of a way to display your website to millions of potential buyers, but you have a low budget, then Facebook domain ads are for you. It offers you the opportunity to advertise your website to millions of Indians at a very low cost. This is mainly done by strategically placing a link to your website on your Facebook page which directs potential buyers to the landing page on your website.

Multi-products Ads

This is great for advertisers/marketers who have multiple products to advertise. Facebook allows you to display pictures or videos or both pictures and videos on your Facebook page. You can then place links under each picture/video which, when clicked, will redirect your customers to your website. This also helps you to know which of your products are in high demand. This is especially great for Facebook marketers in India.

Offer Ads

Offer ad focuses on creating offers for your potential clients. It gives you the opportunity to create advertisements that offer your clients special treatment like discounts, buy-one-get-one-free, promotions, etc when they purchase your products. Facebook gives your clients the option to save such offers and it reminds them of it even if they switch devices (i.e from laptop to phone or vice versa).

Video ads

As the name suggests video ads simply allow you to create attractive and informative videos advertising your products and services. Instead of pictures, you are able to explain in a few minutes what you produce, and why customers should purchase from you. 

Lead Ads

One of the easiest ways to get customer information (e.g their names and emails) is through lead ads. It allows the customer to sign up for a newsletter from you. It also allows the customer to download your content straight from Facebook. Lead Ads are a great way of “personalizing” your customer.

Canvas Ads

These types of ads are made strictly for mobile phones because of its interactive nature. They are highly optimized for great customer experience. Canvas ads allow customers to interact with your advertisements, giving them a first-hand visual feel of your products.
Over the years, Facebook marketing in India has grown in leaps and bounds and has become the number one marketing tool preferred by numerous sellers. This has made it easier for Facebook marketing agencies in India to connect sellers and buyers and saved them lots of money.

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